Monday, October 26, 2009

An Older Story, salvaged from a defunct site

In 1980-82 I lived in Berkeley and wrote an article in Soundi (cover above, not mine), which they gave 2 titles for, one was San Francisco Nights. I took a picture of Jonathan Richman on the right on the Berkeley campus playing for spare change. He was a recording star! Another picture I took, right, was of the Waitresses.

Below is a poster by Psychotic Pineapple, who played hard rock in clubs, and old Coasters hits and 50s rock on the street for spare change.

I did go to some punk clubs and other music clubs, where I was impressed by Romeo Void, for example.

Also saw John Fahey, Jorma Kaukonen, the 3 day Dead Fest at the Greek Theater. Well, at least one night. We heard the other 2 days from a university balcony.

Reggae Sunsplash was also at the Greek Theater.

I could post bigger pics, but the text is in Finnish.

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