Friday, June 05, 2015

400 Birds

2003 to2 012

Life list seen order, done 2009, edited 2010

This list  as of Jan 2010 had the same number as v.3

Birds in guess of order. The birds are in Missouri unless noted otherwise. Some of the lifer birds are actually bird #2 as I was not 100% sure of the first or the record of the first is sketchy. There have been a few “lost” birds added to the list, so the old numbers may be off, after the bird name.

Eurasian starling (2.23.2003)

American Crow

northern mockingbird

northern cardinal

mourning dove

house sparrow

house finch

red winged blackbird

american robin

tufted titmouse

dark-eyed junco

american goldfinch

 downy woodpecker

white-throated sparrow


red-bellied woodpecker


eastern phoebe

brown-headed cowbird

turkey vulture

common grackle (april 2003)

chimney swift (IL)

eastern bluebird (IL)

Baltimore oriole (IL)

eastern meadowlark

red-headed woodpecker

indigo bunting (5.31.2003)

eastern towhee

summer tanager (at Elephant Rocks)

cedar waxwing

ruby-crowned kinglet

blue-gray gnatcatcher

barn swallow

eastern kingbird (Indiana)

brown thrasher (Indiana)

Eurasian tree-sparrow

tree swallow

house wren


rose-breasted grosbeak (MI)

red-tailed hawk

western kingbird

yellow-bellied sapsucker (June 2003 Manitoba)

gray catbird (Alberta)

yellow warbler (Manitoba)

spotted towhee (Alberta)

black-billed magpie (Alberta)

ring-billed gull (Alberta)

Clark's nutcracker (Alberta)

Gray Jay (Alberta)

Common Raven (Alberta)

Song sparrow (Alberta)

Chipping Sparrow (Alberta)

Great horned owl (Alberta, mobbed)

American avocet (Saskatchewan)

Canvasback (Saskatchewan)

double-crested cormorant (Saskatchewan)

Lazuli bunting (North Dakota)

white-breasted nuthatch (ND)

black-capped chickadee (ND)

northern flicker (Nebraska)

ruby-throated hummingbird (Sep 2003)

common nighthawk

red-breasted nuthatch

wood thrush

american kestrel

carolina wren

brown creeper

green heron

great blue heron

great egret

little blue heron

hooded/carrion crow (SWE)

great tit (SWE, Oct 2003)

(common, Eurasian) magpie (SWE 2003, Finland 09)

yellow-rumped warbler

cooper's hawk

herring gull (USA)


Canada goose

rock dove

greater roadrunner (NM) (77-82 are just here as missed exact order)

common goldeneye (2004)

wild turkey (WI)

sharp shinned hawk

golden-crowned kinglet

purple martin

lesser yellowlegs (NE)

blue-winged teal (NE)

green-winged teal NE)

sandhill crane (march 2004,NE)

lesser scaup

blue grosbeak

carolina chickadee

great crested flycatcher


black tern (WI)

 marsh wren

 pileated woodpecker

 pheasant (Iowa)

chestnut-sided warbler (July 2004, MN)

Mississippi kite

willow flycatcher

burrowing owl (NE)

black and white warbler (NE)

american redstart (NE)

spotted sandpiper (NE)

belted kingfisher (NE)

bald eagle (NE)

prothonotary warbler

blackburnian warbler (fall 2004)

dicksissel (IL)

field sparrow (Forest park)

fox sparrow

pied billed grebe

prairie falcon

hooded merganser

trumpeter swan

tundra swan


ruddy duck

ring necked duck

red breasted merganser

swamp sparrow

american white pelican

warbling vireo (125 to 130  are out of order)

philadelphia vireo

red-eyed vireo (WI)

northern rough-winged swallow

hermit thrush

american coot

common loon

Northern Pintail (2004 list)

bobolink (2004 list)

(2005) american tree sparrow

snow goose (Feb 2005)


common merganser (all 3 now!)


peregrine falcon

pine siskin

northern shoveler

brown pelican (CA)

marbled godwit (CA)

wandering tattler (CA)

California gull (CA)

black phoebe (CA)

Townsend's warbler (CA)

western bluebird (CA)

California towhee (CA)

Anna's hummingbird (CA)

Pacific-slope Flycatcher  (CA)

Northern harrier (IL)

wood duck (AR)

Eurasian collared dove (AR)

fish crow

yellow-throated warbler (4.16.2005)

red-shouldered hawk

broad winged hawk

northern parula

acadian flycatcher

Caspian tern

white-crowned sparrow

swainson's thrush

Tennessee warbler

dunlin (may 2005)

semipalmated plover

cliff swallow

least sandpiper

semipalmated sandpiper

pectoral sanpiper

greater yellowlegs

black-crowned night heron

common yellow-thooat

yellow-bellied flycatcher

oven bird

orchard oriole

american bittern

american golden plover

yellow-billed cuckoo

Louisiana waterthrush

Eastern wood-pewee

ICELAND (178-204): meadow pipit

Arctic Skua


Great Black Backed Gull

White Wagtail

Oyster Catcher

Arctic Tern

Common Snipe



Black Headed Gull

Whooper Swan

Great Skua

Atlantic Puffin

Eurasian Golden Plover

Red Necked Phalarope

Graylag Goose

Common Redshank

Red-throated Loon (also FIN 09)

Common Loon

Long-tailed Duck

Greater Scaup

Barrow's Goldeneye (Myvatn)

Snow Bunting

Common Eider

Lesser Black Backed Gull


Black Guillemot (End ICELAND)

Northern Gannett

worm-eating warbler

northern waterthrush (Castlewood, Oct)

wilson's snipe (fall 2005)

savannah sparrow

leconte's sparrow

horned grebe

Thayer's gull (with Joe eades)

Scarlet tanager (2005 summer, MN)

hairy woodpecker (2005)

upland sandpiper (2005)

            buff-breasted sandpiper (2005)

 common redpoll (2005 WI)

 cackling goose (MO 05)

 moorhen (MO 05, LA 06, FIN 09)

            purple finch

            blue-headed vireo

(2006) Greater White-fronted Goose

Ross's Goose, eskimohanhi

Short Eared Owl

Loggerhead Shrike

Steller's jay

bell's vireo

Kentucky warbler

Harris' sparrow

vesper sparrow (second one was in 08 with group)

Wilson's warbler

brewer's blackbird (CO)

violet green swallow (CO)

western wood-pewee (CO)

dusky flycatcher (CO

Green Tailed Towhee, CO

Black Throated Sparrow, UT

Ash Throated Flycatcher, UT and CO

Juniper Titmouse, CO

White Throated Swift, CO, kalliokiitäjä

Rock Wren, CO

Pinyon Jay, CO

Western Scrub-Jay CO

Lark Sparrow, CO, kirjopääsirkku

Bullock's Oriole, CO

Cattle Egret, CO, NE, lehmähaikara

Lark Bunting, CO

Painted bunting

Bush tit (Seattle)

bewick's wren (Seattle)

glaucous-winged gull

ruffed grouse (MN)

swallow-tailed kite

black-throated green warbler

Franklin's gull

black scoter (Riverlands, MO or IL)

rusty blackbird

Bonaparte's gull

long billed dowitcher (Mike, two rivers IL)

american black duck

pine warbler (2006 list)

cerulean warbler (2006 list)

winter wren (see year lists)

least flycatcher (see year lists)

orange-crowned warbler (06, also 08)

(2007) great-tailed grackle (TX)

sage thrasher (AZ)

canyon wren (AZ)

black-chinned sparrow  (AZ)

mountain chickadee (AZ)

albert's towhee (AZ)

pygmy nuthatch (AZ)

say's phoebe (AZ)

rufous-crowned sparrow (AZ)

Calofornia condor (AZ, grand Canyon, 07)

(added sort of randomly to 269) Sabine's gull (07, IL)

willet (2007, MO)

white-winged scoter

American Wigeon (2007 year list)

American Woodcock (spring 2007)

Glaucous Gull (IL 07)

Barred Owl (M0 07, IL with Mike 08)

prairie warbler (2007 list)

palm warbler (2007 list)

grasshopper sparrow (2007 list)

sanderling (see 2007 list)

Henslow's sparrow

Blackpoll warbler (04 possible, 07 sure)

hooded warbler

Yellow-Breasted Chat, MO 07(#293 old numbering, off due to Condor)

Yellow-Throated Vireo, MO 07 (#294)

Gray Cheeked Thrush, MO 07 (#295)

Palm Warbler, MO 07(#296)

Magnolia Warbler MO 06, 07(#297)

Canada warbler (#298)

Bank Swallow (#299)

Mourning Warbler (#300)

osprey (#301)

baird's sandpiper (#302)

stilt sandpiper (#303)

short-billed dowitcher (#304)

snowy egret (#305)

Forster's tern (#306)

common tern (#307)

lauging gull (#308)

ruddy turnstone (#309)

Bay-breasted warbler (#310)

Common Moorhen MO (2007?), new Orleans 2008 (#311)

Monk Parakeet (#312)

White Ibis (#313)

Anhinga (#314)

red crossbill (#315)

Black-Billed Cuckoo (#316)

Black Necked Stilt (#317)

Scissortailed Flycatcher (#318)

Black-throated Blue Warbler (#319)

Eastern Screech Owl  (#320)

Iceland Gull (#321)

Northern Shrike (#322)

Lesser Goldfinch(#323)

 mustarastas LIFER 324

FIELDFARE räkättirastas LIFER 325

COMMON (MEW) GULL, kalalokki, LIFER 326

CHAFFINCH, peippo, LIFER 327

BLUE TIT, sinitiainen, LIFER 328

SONG THRUSH, laulurastas, LIFER 329

SISKIN, vihervarpunen, LIFER 330

PIED FLYCATCHER, kirjosieppo, LIFER 331

ROBIN, punarinta, LIFER 332

willow warbler, pajulintu, LIFER 333



WOOD PIGEON, sepelkyyhky, LIFER 336

SWIFT, tervapääsky, LIFER 337

JACKDAW, naakka, LIFER 338



COOT, nokikana, LIFER 341

Eurasian Wigeon, haapana, LIFER 342



MEADOW PIPIT, niittykirvinen, LIFER 345

YELLOWHAMMER, keltasirkku, LIFER 346


DUNNOCK, rautiainen, LIFER 348


TREE PIPIT, metsäkirvinen, LIFER 350

CHIFFCHAFF, tiltaltti, LIFER 351

CRESTED TIT, töyhtötiainen, LIFER 352

CURLEW, kuovi, LIFER 353

LAPWING, töyhtöhyyppä, LIFER 354

RED-NECKED GREBE, härkälintu, LIFER 355

WOODCOCK, lehtokurppa, LIFER 356

NIGHTJAR, kehrääjä, LIFER 357

SEDGE WARBLER, ruokokerttunen, LIFER 358

MARSH HARRIER, ruskosuohaukka, LIFER 359

MUTE SWAN, kyhmyjoutsen, (put in place of MISSOURI lifer?) LIFER 360

REED BUNTING, pajusirkku, LIFER 361


WILLOW TIT, hömötiainen, LIFER 363

BARNACLE GOOSE, valkoposkihanhi, LIFER  364

Common Crane, kurki (lifer 365)

Green Finch, viherpeippo (Turku, 09, actually after 330, see notes)

Alder Flycatcher LIFER CAN NS 367

Sooty Shearwater CAN NF Lifer 368

Greater Shearwater CAN NF Lifer 369

Least tern (MO,09) Lifer 370

Nelson's Sharp-tailed sparrow MO 09

Lapland Longspur, Jan 2010 at Columbia bottoms MO

Chestnut-backed Chickadee (CA, Berkeley, 2010)

Western Gull (CA, Golden Gate park)

Cape May Warbler (Gaddy Garden, MO, May 2010)

American Pipit (Riverlands, MO, Nov 2010)

bullfinch, punatulkku (Finland 2010)

european tree creeper, puukiipijä (Finland 2010)

coal tit, kuusitiainen (Finland 2010)

eurasian dipper, koskikara

384.  Grey heron, Harmaahaikara 2011 Fin

385.  Tufted duck, tukkasotka

386.  Common pochard,  punasotka

387. Black Vulture, Cape Canaveral FL

388. Roseate Spoonbill, Cape Canaveral FL

389. Boat-tailed Grackle, Cape Canaveral FL

390. Glossy Ibis, Cape Canaveral FL

391 White winged dove

392 Verdin..several

393 Gambel's quail

394 Cactus wren

395 Gila woodpecker 395

396 Curve billed thrasher 396

397 Bronzed cowbird 397 red eye!

398  Broad-billed Hummingbird

399 Black Chinned Hummingbir

400 Brown-crested Flycatcher 400

401 Hutton's vireo 401